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About Jacksonville’s Best Spa

At Body Soul Spa, we hold space for you. We believe that it’s impossible to heal and relax when you feel like you are just one more client in an assembly line of massage clients. That’s why we only schedule four massages a day for each therapist. This means you get a refreshed massage therapist who can provide you with better service and is more available to connect with you.

Additionally, with our Jacksonville massage services, you’ll never have to pay extra for essential oils or hot towels — those services are always included to help elevate your experience and encourage the mind-body-soul connection. We use massage, Reiki, and psychic tarot readings to help you find and create space for yourself, feel better, heal, and move forward with purpose.

About Our Founder

Charlie “Rose” Carter

LMT, Reiki Master, RN, RYT200, Transformational Mindset Coach, Psychic Medium

A licensed massage therapist (LMT), Reiki Master, registered nurse (RN), and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200), Charlie is passionate about helping other people find and follow their purpose and enjoy a life of wellness, as she has done. She desires each person to become the best possible version of themselves, no matter what that looks like.

From her early childhood, Charlie has followed an intuitive path. She learned to read tarot at the age of 19 and has read tarot for more than 20 years now. She is a gifted and compassionate psychic medium.

An educator and healer, Charlie’s mission is to teach people about the natural healing powers they hold within.

About Our Staff

Charlie has hand-picked the staff at Body Soul Spa, training them in these same skill sets and encouraging the development of their own gifts, all for the purpose of supporting you in your healing.

Charlie wants to ensure you have a place to come for the treatment of your body AND your soul by highly trained and gifted therapists and healers.