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AURSPA Customized Facial

Experience a Cocktail of Premium Products Specifically Blended For You with the AURSPA Facial

This luxurious experience offers potent deliveries of masks, serums, and exclusive formulations, featuring peptides, oxygenating enzymes, and retinol (Vit-A). The AURSPA Facial represents an advanced stage in your skincare journey, ensuring your skin experiences the pinnacle of care and rejuvenation.

Your skin care esthetician will blend the perfect cocktail of premium products that include serums and masques perfectly chosen for your service.

Facial possibilities with the Custom AURSPA Facial can include: Brightening Vitamin C Facial Holistic Facial O2 Oxygenating Enzyme Facial Acne Clearing Facial Anti-Aging Facial Or a custom combination suited perfectly for your skin….. This can be discussed with your skincare professional the day of.

Keep in mind that this facial uses additional, higher potency products that are not included in the Customized European Facial.

Skin Analysis Ensures Ultimate Customization at Our Jacksonville Spa

Your freshly cleansed skin will be analyzed by a AURSPA professional esthetician. Many things affect the condition of your skin — general health, diet, allergies, medications, lifestyle, and, of course, your skin care routine. The esthetician’s goal will be to customize your service with skin care products that will benefit you the most. She will observe your skin with the naked eye and under the lens of a magnifying lamp. During your cleanse she will be feeling your skin to assess its level of dryness, roughness, and elasticity. She’ll inquire as to any concerns you may have. Armed with the information she gleans from the analysis, she will select the products best suited to your skin’s needs, invite you to sit back and relax, enjoying the pampering about to begin!

Choosing the Right Type of Facial at Our Jacksonville Spa

We offer four general types of facials: hydrating, anti-aging, rejuvenating, and super-cleansing. Guided by your skin analysis and what your goals are for the service, your esthetician will recommend the type of facial that will benefit you the most. No matter which type of facial is chosen, the basic steps remain the same.

Steps to a Perfect AURSPA Facial at Our Jacksonville Spa

1 Hour $150

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Once your face has been gently cleansed and carefully analyzed, our esthetician will exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation removes the dead surface skin cells and oil. Exfoliation removes build-up that blocks pores and encourages your skin’s natural renewal process.


Your skin has now been optimally prepared to receive the benefits of a masque, customized to your needs. The masque will stay on for 10 — 15 minutes, then your esthetician will gently remove it with a warm, wet washcloth.

Marma Massage

Marma massage therapy is a powerful yet subtle Ayurvedic massage practice that involves activating the marma points in your body. These points are the neuro-lymphatic nodes connecting the subtle energy channels through which prana (the fundamental life force, also called the Chi) flows. There are ten marma points found in the head and facial region. Stimulating these points has far-reaching benefits, not just for your face and skin, but also for the quality of your day, your mental health, and level of awareness in life. Essential oils, properly combined with a carrier oil or lotion, will add soothing aromatherapy benefits.

Toner, Serums, Moisturizer

These three steps are important. The toner will act as a delivery vehicle for the serum(s) and moisturizer to follow. It ensures that the final products are delivered deep into your skin. Serums are concentrates designed to focus on particular skin concerns; they smooth wrinkles, brighten dull skin, repair problematic areas, etc.

Light Therapy

Your Ayurvedic Facial includes Celluma LED light therapy, during which you will receive a relaxing hand and arm massage.

Enhancements for Your Facial at Our Jacksonville Spa

We have several waxing enhancements, plus LED light therapy, which you can add to your facial or skin care service. If you wish, your therapist can smudge the room before beginning.

  • Brow Wax. You express so much with your eyebrows, make sure they are skillfully arched, clean-lined and free from stray hairs with a professional brow waxing. $18
  • Lip Wax. Stray hairs or a dark fuzz can dim even the brightest smile! Keep your lips kissable with professional waxing. $10
  • Brow & Lip Wax. Save money with a combination brow and lip waxing service. $25
  • Full Face Wax. Peach fuzz belongs on peaches, not on your beautiful, expressive face. Smooth your appearance with a full face wax. $45
  • Chin Wax. The three little pigs may have had hair on their “chinny-chinny-chins,” but it doesn’t belong on yours! Banish it with a professional chin wax. $10
  • Underarm Wax. Raise your hands with confidence! Keep your underarms sleek and hair-free with a professional underarm wax. $20
  • Treat your skin to a wash of UV-free beneficial LED light rays in a spectrum customized by your therapist to meet your specific needs. Celluma LED light therapy can assist in treating acne, increase collagen production, decrease inflammation, speed healing, and assist in penetration of serums and creams. 10-minute session $20

Give the Gift of Skin Care

Our skin care therapy services make a lovely and thoughtful gift. Mark a special occasion or just say you care with a gift card from our selection.